The seeds you sow into Rapha not only help Rapha to serve the community, but they will come back to you multiplied. It is universal law!

Giving to Rapha is adding nutrients to the soil of our community.

Time and money are the seeds we plant in our community. They ensure the ground remains fertile for community development for years to come.

Your donation will go towards:

  1. Feeding the community.
  2. Preventive medicinal practices(yoga, massage therapy, foot reflexology, Qi cupping).
  3. Internal martial arts for youth.
  4. Reading, writing and speaking workshops.
  5. Music workshops.

Rapha's Stewardship Policy

Our declared policies state that:

  1. Donors are advised and encouraged to seek independent professional advice before making a gift to the Center which might significantly affect the donor’s financial position or income or might adversely affect the donor’s relationship with family members.
  2. Expenditures are confined to board-approved programs and purchases. In accordance with IRS regulations, each gift will be used as designated by the donor with the understanding that when any given need has been met, designated gifts will be used where needed most.
  3. Gifts are acknowledged and receipted with an official receipt for income tax purposes.
  4. Gifts will not be accepted for projects or purposes that are not within its stated objectives as determined by the Board of Trustees.