Rapha Art Life Center is a sacred healing art space. The name Rapha is Hebrew and when translated it means to be healed and restored. Our motto is “Life Loves You-Love Life Back!”. Learning how to love yourself thoroughly is a multidimensional ongoing experience. As eternal beings we are ever discovering new aspects of self to know, love and nurture. Rapha invokes self-love and connectivity. We explore and practice creative inner healing, inner-connectivity and inner-transformation. It is something on the inside that must work on the outside. The deeper healing unlocks and unblocks our authentic, brilliant and creative transformation. There are many dynamics to us; therefore, many transformations. We carry in our bodies and souls sacred medicine. We are the physicians that heal ourselves through eating medicinal food (plant based), spiritual practices and indigenous healing modalities.

Rapha's mission is the healing of the community at the grass root level … in other words, we take it to the streets. We heal together in order to build together. The social and economic development  of our people, collective ownership of homes and businesses restores our sovereignty to our families, community and nation. Through metaphysical (Spiritual), physiological, soulical and environmental healing we can protect ourselves from those agents and entities which does not serve our greater good. e.g. asthma, cancer, depression, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and mental illness which are caused by the stressors society projects on to us; however, we can and must offset these tensions by what we allow into our bodies and soul.

Rapha reawakens the soul to its creative power. You are your best thing and greatest commodity. You have your own unique gifts and talents to contribute to the greater collective. When you engage yourself creatively you connect, many times unknowingly, with a higher realm of self. It is in these expanded and/or elevated levels of being we access a more fluid (and whole) sense of love, freedom and essence (source). Art uplifts the soul because it "jumps a level" of mind and instead of seeing ourselves as individual human beings separated from others we feel the wholeness and interconnectedness of everything… we become a whole community in practice.

Rapha seeks to partner with healers and artists to create eco-systems to perpetuate healing and transformation. We foster ongoing informative and transformative dialogue through creative expression. If you align with the mission and vision of Rapha, let’s build together!