MekhiEl is a Brooklynite. He grew up in Clinton Hill, Crown heights and currently lives in Bedford Stuyvesant. He is a free thinker, approaching life with curiosity and love. He is the Founder and Spiritual Director of the Rapha Art Life Center, located in the Ocean Hill Brownsville section of Brooklyn. The Center is called “Rapha,” a term that can be traced as far back as to ancient Hebrew - it means to heal and restore. MekhiEl knows that holistic healing removes blockages which limit humankind’s genius and productivity. With an inner-standing that we are divine beings, he felt the tug to return to school to study theology.




He studied at Union Theological Seminary earning a Master of Arts in Theology, with a concentration in Inter-Religious Engagement. There, MekhiEl affirmed his belief that Spiritual Healing and Social Justice are connected. Currently, he partners with educators and indigenous healing practitioners to create a series of programming centered around indigenous healing modalities. He knows that as a healed and whole people we can confront intersectional structures through a holistic lens; and that with greater intentionality and efficiency, we can build our own ecosystems with greater emphasis on spirituality and inter-connectivity. MekhiEl believes we must be creative in our transformation while acknowledging and honoring what has been created by our ancestors. Collectively we are prophetic voices of modernity and must collaborate, coordinate and build on that foundation. In addition to the aforementioned, MekhiEl is a inspirational speaker, vocalist, composer and soon-to-be author. His motto for abundant living is “Life Loves You - Love Life Back!".