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 The Honorable El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcom X) and Dr Martin Luther King created an ethic for war by exhausting the law and documenting their activism. The world had a front row seat as America performed many injustices: state sanction murder, systemic racism, and economic disparities; however, both Martin and Malcom were eloquent and organized in their rage.  They showed us that Divine anger is disciplined not docile, rational not irrational, responsible not irresponsible; additiionally, with the necessarry support of powerful women: Coretta Scott, King and Betty Shabazz and lets not forget about an evolving community, it was proven no one can stop an enlightened, informed and ever transforming people. Today as we move forward in the fight for justice remember Yahsuha (Jesus) was divnely angry when he saw deception, inequites and injustice in the foyer of the temple - he overturned the tables and drove out the greedy and opressive merchants that were over taxing the people ... did you get the wisdom? Divine Anger is eloquent, intellgent justified and organized passion - it turns tables and cities upside down.  Yahshua, Martin and Malcom legacy lives and leads today with many others who died so that we can live in a just world.


You are your best thing. You can heal yourself with the help of your community. You are a manifestation of your ancestors' greatest desires.

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